Book 3 – The Great War

Isabel and Alex come from a distance universe and are forced to escape because their love was forbidden by a prophecy.

Now they have discovered the prophecy wasn’t what they though it was, and things get completely out of control.

The Great War has started, and beings from many areas of the system are coming to fight in the cosmic universe. Earth gets involved and battles evolved until the secrecy of live outside earth becomes plausible for humans, and the Government can’t keep hiding the truth.

Now Isabel has been challenged with the most important task of her life, and she needs to accomplish it.

This is a fascinating story that involves suspense, intense emotions, and a different insight into how things might work in the system of universes. Love is what keeps the story together during this breath-taking quest that drives Isabel to create The Bridges.

This is the third book of the epic best-selling romance science fiction saga of Isabel’s Bridges. It comes filled with intense emotions, and changes that will keep you hooked from the first pages until the end.