About the author

Lucy Coleman is not your typical writer. Born in Venezuela, she has had a successful career as a fertility doctor and embryologist in the UK, before she moved to the Middle East where she has found peace by writing in the desert. Her writing often is inspired and grounded in her experiences as an embryologist and witness of the beginning of life, and is passionate about capturing the emotion and humanity values that are the core of our existence in her work. She is a mother and wife, and usually loves to share her experiences with her fans and patients. She is a philanthropist and advocate for children’s rights, and is the founder of several fertility and health successful companies around the world. She strongly believes in the great power of women. You can learn more about her at her website www.isabelsbridges.com or by following her on social media at @lucycolemanlife on Facebook, @lucoleman on Twitter, and @lu.coleman on Instagram, and her website www.lucycolemanlife.com