Book 2 – The Golden Sleep

The second book of the thrilling science fiction love story of the Isabel’s bridges saga.


The system keeps changing and the Great War is coming. Isabel has taken the Golden Sleep and Alex needs to bring back her memories and experiences from Chronus, but a negotiation might be necessary, and he pays a high price for it.


Angel William has come into Isabel’s life, and produces feelings and sensations she can’t understand, as if he was part of her past, but she doesn’t know why. She falls between two intense feelings and emotions, and her life turns into turmoil of events.


This is an exhilarating story that tells about the love of two beings escaping from the forbidden prophecy and trying to make a life together on earth. But everything comes with a price, and now their love is threatened by the many events about to unfold.


Would they make it before the Great War?


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