“Exhilarating and interesting story about an imaginary Universe that contains different rules and changes the characters are not aware of. I found it deep and well-thought. Can see it becoming a Netflix show for sure” – H. Jane

“I read it because a friend told me it was a really interesting story. I was hooked from day one. The way the story and development of events happen is exciting from the very beginning. It might become a bit complex at some point because the events happen in one day, but it is no doubt a great story to read” – L. Baker

“I was surprisingly into this book when I first started! The world-building is super creative and fun, and I can see why so many people love the series. I really like the concept of all these supernatural creatures coexisting in the same world as us, and that there is a class of people who have to keep them in order. There are some cheesy dated lines, sure, but it’s still solid – she takes time to describe in detail the settings and the world around them, and you can tell she has a lot of love for the characters”. – Gregory T

“A great and interesting book. I managed to combine the influences from many top fictional series of our time. It combines a hidden magic world. The book is very well written and fast paces”.J. Newt.

“Oh my goodness, was this book an emotional journey or what? I have tried to read this book once before but was forced to put it down because of school required reading and didn’t pick it back up until a couple of days ago. But let me just say, I am sure glad that I did. Not only was it full of action, adventure, and sprinkled with a little humor, but L.E Coleman also added some other great elements to the book both relating to contemporary and fantastical topics”. – Carol M.

“I’ve been in a glass case of emotions ever since I finished this book. I fell in love with the well-developed characters, vivid and enthralling action scenes, the clever dialogue and swoon-worthy romance. Reading Isabel’s journey about finding herself and discovering an entire new world was exhilarating and completely EPIC! Though it seems to garner extremely mixed reviews, to me this epic fantasy story maintained a perfect balance between adventure, comedy, and romance – a total winner in my book!” – V. Barnes.

“I really loved the concept of this book. Isabel’s Bridges books 1 and 2. Everything is packed with very great promises to be a fun read. I mostly enjoyed William’s appearance. And the second book is even more thrilling than the first one. A saga to be read fast”. O Mark.

“This books are really good. This is my third time reading through the series [second for the last book], and so far, I am loving it….I loved this first book in the series, more than I did the first time I read it. I love rereads, simply because…you catch little things that you didn’t notice, or wouldn’t know to notice the first time around”. William B.

“Why did it take me so long to read this??! This book is absolutely stuffed with awesome! And I’m surprised to be admitting that, actually, because I put it aside for a long time. And now? I am totally obsessed with it. I’m sniffing out book 3 ASAP”. Rosa R.

“I have heard people say great things about the Isabel’s Bridges series for a while now, so I decided I would check it out. Wow! They were right, this book was amazing. I loved it. I fell in love with William because of his sarcastic and witty humor. Isabel was a very good main character, she just seemed so real. A lot of plot twists that I didn’t expect…this book definitely caught my attention!” O. Gaby

“You know when you pick a book up for the tenth or so time and you still get excited to read that first page, despite knowing it nearly word for word? That’s this series for me. Between this and Harry Potter, there’s just something magical about some books that call you back time and time again”. Ingrid C.

“If someone could explain to me why I ever waited so long to start this series that would be great. Seriously, this book was awesome! I was hooked instantly, and the day I finished this book was the day I went out and bought book 2 of the series. I am in desperately need of book 3 ASAP”. Vivian P.