A thrilling and exciting love science-fiction series

Isabel’s Bridges tells the story of Isabel and Alex who come from a distance universe and are forced to escape because their love was forbidden by a prophecy. They managed to find asylum on Earth and need to adapt to the rules of the cosmic universe, among which to reincarnate and fulfil duties in order to grow as evolved souls.

Struggling with the many rules and physical laws of the cosmic universe, and facing misunderstandings with the Administrators that are in charge of watching over it, Alex decides to escape and find another way for them to be finally together. But his transgression is taken as high treason, and now he is facing problems to return to Isabel at the verge of a Great War that is about to begin.


This is a fascinating story that involves suspense, intense emotions, and a different insight into how things might work in the system of universes. Love is what keeps the story together during this breath-taking quest that drives Isabel to create The Bridges.

Author Lucy Coleman


Lucy Coleman is not your typical fiction writer. She was born in Venezuela, and after completing her medical studies moved to the UK to pursue her fertility specialization training. After a successful career as a fertility doctor and embryologist, she moved to the Middle East where she has found peace by writing fiction in the desert.


She has created this series that blend love with science fiction. She is passionated about this science fiction saga, and has involved really interesting subjects and scientific facts in her books. The Isabel’s bridges series combines science in a very unique and different way. Readers will enjoy these books, specially if they love science fiction.

The mystery of Isabel’s bridges

Isabel’s bridges tells a story that is not like any other story read before. Actually scientific facts and findings have been described in this book, and the characters have been based on real life stories.

The fascinating thing about Isabel’s bridges is the interesting story behind the whole thriller, and the reader will get to enter a world of science fiction that brings different combinations of emotions, and curious findings. Isabel establishes bridges across dimensions, that will change the fate of the cosmic universe and the whole system of universes forever.